Weekly Wisdom #382 – My Grandmother’s Secret To Success!

On this incredible Memorial Day Monday I wanted to send out a special

Weekly Wisdom. Yesterday I decided I was going to go LIVE on Facebook

and deliver two messages that were on my heart…

First, I wanted

to thank all of those out there who sacrifice their time and even

sometimes their live’s to help protect our country and allow us to be

free of the worry that they face on a daily basis. I truly from the

bottom of my heart want to say thank you. Dean Graziosi

Second, I want to share

with my DG Family a little about my grandmother, and her secret to

success. My grandmother was one of the smartest ladies I have ever met,

and someone who I grew up constantly learning from.

So go ahead

and check out this powerhouse Weekly Wisdom, and make sure to leave me a

comment with what you think. We have over 1,000 comments on the

Facebook Video alone! So let me know what you think :)

Watch now!

Happy Memorial Day :)

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